The Eifel, a lovely place to be on holyday….. but certainly also to live!

Ever more people from Holland, Belgium but also Great Britain discover the Eifel area as a good place to live. Why? Within a few hours by car you are in an area that is really totally different concerning nature, concerning culture and certainly concerning the way of living than we are used to. A few special topics: peaceful atmosphere, clean air and water, a beautiful very various landscape with large woodlands and splendid views from the hills, very friendly people, totally different style of building and size of houses and farmhouses, many traditions who are still respected in every day life.
As the people here say: we live where other are having their holidays!
The last years ever more people flee from the too busy, too crowded city’s , the ever higher cost of living in Holland, Belgium and Great Britain and are looking for their dream house somewhere else.
The real estate market in the Eifel offers them a large variety and choice: there are many houses, farmhouses, farms and special objects like (water-)mills for sale. The prices are much lower than in Holland, Belgium or Great Britain and also the size of the houses is much bigger with the bonus of (mostly) a large garden or even a piece of meadow.
Privacy and peace in unknown quantity’s, possibilities for handy men and woman, a place for your own car(s) and/ or camper under your own roof! For animal friends there is an enormous choice and then the keeping of one or more dogs or horses is not an impossible wish anymore. Also the lovers of smaller animals and birds can make all their dreams come true. What do you think of lovers of beautiful and big gardens?
The cost of living is, of course depending on your style of living, in general less than in the surrounding countries. The people in the Eifel area are very friendly and helpful, are not much in a hurry and welcome “foreigners” as neighbors.

You are seriously looking for an object in the Eifel area? Eifel Plus Immobilien can help you!
We, that is Wanda Oud as real estate agent and Erik van Duin as architect, live since a few years in the Eifel area. We know the country, the people and their habits. We have our own real estate office here and are specialized in the intermediation between sellers of (mainly older) houses, farmhouses, farms and special objects and prospective buyers from Holland, Belgium and Great Britain.
We our self have been spending a lot of time looking for our ideal place. We met a lot of estate agents who are active in the Eifel, the Moezel area and the Hunsrück. Unfortunately we are very often badly (or not) advised and informed. Even though we had prepared us very good and have been reading lots of information before moving and learned of our mistakes: when we finally bought our farm we almost lost our precious grounds in the next few weeks! Also the many rules and obligations in the process of and after buying the house were not always nice surprises and did cost much more money than we expected.
There for our aim is to not only to be the mediator when you are looking for and buying a house or farm but also to help the aspirant buyer as much as possible. This can be with negotiations with the bank, getting the necessary information from the community, going to the solicitor, etc. etc.

Also when you have bought your dream place it is rather useful if you can ask someone where to find a doctor, a dentist, a vet, hospitals and so on. Who can you ask when you want to renovate your new property?
Erik is architect with more than 30 years of experience in building and renovating all sort of buildings. His special interest is to renovate beautiful old and original, but often totally neglected, houses, farms and special buildings: what gives more satisfaction than converting a “ruin” into a spectacular place to live that from the outside looks like a ‘typical’ Eifel building and on the inside is totally adjusted to all your comfort wishes and energy obligations! He can advise, make plans, calculate the costs and find the right craftsmen to do the job. If needed he can supervise the whole building period to make sure all goes as planned.
Here people often say: The best saving book is the “Grundbuch”!
Real estate is keeping its value and will be worth more when it is renovated and cared for well . It is a very good investment and will assure good savings for later. We would be glad if we can help you search for your new property!
Many objects here are in the so called “silent sale”, that means the objects are for sale but the owner does not want everybody to know that. Many of them are known to us, that is the advantage of being known in the area and know many people.
Let us know what you are looking for. We are sincerely looking forward to meet you!
(Your advantage is that we speak English very well.)