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How do we work?

Our logo is an old fashioned beehive: the save house from where the always hard working, very well organized bees fly out to search everywhere for the costly honey and afterwards convert this into a valuable end product. The bees stand symbol for our way of working: we are constantly looking everywhere for houses, farmhouses, farms and special objects which are for sale or rent or will be in the very near future. After agreement with the owner and our valuations on basis of the truthful facts from the ‘Grundbuch’ and the Register of land property, the location, the size of buildings and grounds, the condition of the buildings the end prize is fixed.

Than we make an exposé (exposition) of all the information we have gathered. We get most of the information from the owner so we cannot guarantee that those are all correct and cannot take any responsibility for them.
This exposé is put on various specialized sites on the internet , also flyers are distributed and advertisements are put in various papers and/or magazines.
The people who are interested are informed on location about all aspects of the buildings, the grounds, also about the faults and defects.

Alles im grünen Bereich!
We try to prevent that later unpleasant surprises will turn up. When there is an agreement between the seller and the aspirant buyer we prepare the official contract and make the date for signing with the solicitor.
When the owner and you as potential buyer have signed the contract and the solicitor has registered this transaction in the ‘Grundbuch’ the property is yours.
Watch out: not before! You must have a written declaration of this registration.

Directly after signing the contract our provision of 3,57% (including VAT) of the contract prize has to be paid. Please read our General Business Conditions so that you also are informed about our conditions and know the rules between the estate agent and his customers. Than in any case here will be no suprises. (See button: general business conditions.) Of course we will, if you wish, also help you with all sort of questions and problems after you have bought the property as far as we are able to. In any case we bid you a warm welcome in the Eifel and wish you a wonderful time in this fantastic area!
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